US Knocks Down China As Number One Gaming Market In The World

Out of the way China, there is a new gaming market hotspot.

Newzoo, the global provider of games and esports analytics released the latest global games report which highlights a takeover of US as the king of gaming market.

In the report, Newzoo projected a leap of 21 percent from the previous year or accumulating a total of $36.9 Billion this year for the American gaming market mainly thanks to console titles and rapid growth of new gamers.

Breathing just beneath their neck is China’s more than $1 billion downfall from 2018 due to the freeze on the licensing of games last August 2018 as it was deemed to affect the youth sector of the nation. It was even declared that games in China were as addictive as opiums.

However, this ranking might not last long as China could reclaim the top position next year as they continue to recover from the gaming freeze last year and grant the gaming licenses necessary.

Senior games market analyst of Newzoo Tom Wijman stated:

Publishers (in China) … are now able to monetise their new games once more, but the consequences of the freeze and new approval process will still impact growth in the Chinese market this year

But a chinese company named Tencent Holdings (Internet Giant institution) remain as the top revenue getter from the industry and market, they share a significant chunk in the sales overall.

Other significant numbers to note about the Newzoo report: